Locate Dog Boarding Kennels in Gtr Manchester

Choosing a Suitable Boarding Kennels

Begin your search for a good quality boarding kennels by telephoning a number of them to establish initial information.  Our flowchart may assist you when making these calls.

Questions to ask when calling Boarding kennels:

Flowchart showing questions to ask when calling a prospective boarding kennels

When you have selected two or three prospective kennels to house your dog, then it's time to pay them a visit.  There are several points that may assist you in deciding on your final choice.

Points to cover when visiting a prospective Boarding Kennels:

Flowchart showing the points to cover when visiting a prospective boarding kennels

We hope you have found our guide helpful and that it has helped you to find a good quality boarding kennel for your dog.  We hope they enjoy their stay while you're away.